Facing Aurora Charges? We’ll Make Sure You Don’t Become a Statistic

There are lots of statistics that Aurora politicians like to mention about their city.

It is roughly 10 miles from Denver. Over 360,000 people are estimated to live here. More than 12,000 people are employed at Buckley Air Force Base. There are 97 developed parks and more than 5,000 acres of open space managed by the city. It is home to six municipal golf courses that have won awards. And the city manages 26 historic landmarks and sites.

Here are some statistics you won’t hear as often, though:

  • Aurora’s overall crime rate is 16 percent higher than the average in Colorado and 26 percent over the national average.
  • Violent crimes here are 54 percent above the Colorado average and 37 percent higher than the average of the country as a whole.
  • Property crimes are 12 percent over the Colorado average and 25 percent higher than the U.S. average.

Combine these numbers with the fact that those in power love to tout the fact that Aurora is in the top 20 of safest large cities in America, and it is a lose-lose situation for anyone accused of a crime here. Both policymakers who want Aurora to stay “safe” and law enforcement officials trying to curb criminal activity will not hesitate to prosecute you to the full extent of the law, so you can serve as an example for others.

At Ready Law, we have helped clients to deal with this kind of full court press time and again. We know just how vital it is that you get someone on your side with an in-depth understanding of Colorado criminal law. Someone who will safeguard your rights, make sure that the officers and others involved in your case do not go beyond the constraints of the law, and advise you on what to say and do. Someone who has successfully helped people just like you to get their charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed and knows what it takes.

Vernon Ready is that lawyer. He has been fighting for the rights of Coloradans for years. If you get in touch, he will do the same for you.

Why Vernon Ready Is the Choice for So Many People Dealing with Charges in Aurora

How do you know that a criminal attorney is the right one for you? That they will do a good job? That he or she gives you the best chance at a positive outcome?

The short answer, unfortunately, is that you cannot know this for sure. Everyone – and every case – is different, and there is no way to guarantee that you will work well with a particular lawyer.

The best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about attorneys that you are considering. That means reading through their websites and other online profiles. Learning about their backgrounds and seeing what kind of recognition they have received and what organizations they belong to. Checking out any available testimonials.

This last one is perhaps most important. It provides you with a window onto what it was like to work with a lawyer on a specific criminal case. What do past clients say about Mr. Ready?

Precise and professional. Few things are more frustrating than meeting with someone who is supposed to be helping you and feeling like they are unprepared and do not have a good grasp on the situation. Vernon Ready believes wholeheartedly in the power of planning and preparation where his cases are concerned.

Depending on the nature of the meeting in question, he will come ready to talk to you about your options and what you can expect or to ask questions and listen to learn more from you. He also knows just how important the “little” things are, like double-checking paperwork for errors and making sure that filings happen on time.

Good communicator. Again and again, clients have lauded Mr. Ready for his willingness to take the time to both explain things to them and simply sit and listen. He knows the law is complicated. He knows that you are probably filled with questions and worries. He believes that one of the most important parts of his job is to help you understand the process. His goal is to alleviate as many of your concerns as possible.

Approachable. Vernon Ready knows that a big part of being the best possible lawyer for his clients means making himself as available as possible. For that reason, he makes a point of not only giving his personal cell phone number to everyone he takes on as a client, but answering whenever possible. The calls that he is not able to answer he promises to return by the end of the next business day.

Types of Aurora Charges Clients Trust Ready Law to Take On

If you are charged with a crime in Aurora, it is not enough to merely hire a Colorado criminal attorney. You need someone who has had experience dealing with your particular charge.

At Ready Law, we have successfully handled a wide variety of cases, including those involving:


Child Abuse/Endangerment

Computer & Internet Crimes

Criminal Mischief

Deferred Prosecution Options

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes


Expungement / Criminal Record Sealing




Probation Violations

Prostitution / Solicitation

Restraining Orders

Search and Seizure

Shoplifting / Retail Theft

Sex Crimes


Traffic Ticket


Violent Crimes




Rape – Sexual Assault

Robbery/Armed Robbery


Weapons Charges

White Collar Crimes



Insurance and Credit Card Fraud

Just because your charge is not listed here does not mean Mr. Ready is unable to help. This list is not mean to be comprehensive. The best way to know for sure if we can take on your case is to reach out to our office and explain your situation.

Get in Contact with Vernon Ready Right Now to Begin the Battle for Your Future

Being arrested or charged in Aurora can leave you feeling powerless to do anything and paralyzed into inaction, but you have to move past these feelings. This is exactly what the prosecution wants.

The longer you do nothing, the more of a head start they get in building their case against you. The longer you delay, the greater the chance that you will lose out on time-sensitive evidence.

Instead, reach out to our office today. All you have to do is complete our free online case evaluation, call 303-993-5512, or email vready@ready-law.com.