Protect Your Future – Defend against Greenwood Village Charges

Not hiring a skilled Denver criminal attorney to fight your charges is like gambling with your life.

Being arrested in Aurora, Castle Rock, Centennial, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Lone Tree, Parker, and other parts of Arapahoe and Denver Counties can be a real shock to the system for many people. The confusion and fear about what is going to happen to you, coupled with the feeling that you have no control, may be so strong that you end up numb. Paralyzed into inaction.

As Greenwood Village defense lawyer Vernon Ready knows all too well, this is exactly how law enforcement and prosecutors want you to feel. Because if you do not act quickly to defend yourself, it makes their jobs easier. What is that job? Convicting you.

Not finding the truth. Not making sure that justice is done. Getting a conviction.

So how do you protect your life, your family, and your future? By getting the best criminal lawyer you can find – and doing it fast. The sooner you have a knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney in your corner, the better your chances at receiving a positive outcome.

How Denver County Defense Lawyer Vernon Ready Can Help You with Your Charges

Do you really need an attorney? Yes.

Even “minor” charges come with penalties that can negatively impact your life. If you refuse to fight back, you may suddenly find it a lot harder to get – or keep – a job. To find housing. To secure loans. Worse, those things are just the tip of the iceberg.

Work with a smart, compassionate lawyer like Vernon Ready, and you have a far better chance at having your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed, or at getting a positive verdict if you go to trial.

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How does Mr. Ready help his clients get better results?

By helping you act in your best interests. No matter what they tell you, police officers and prosecutors are not your friends. They are not trying to give you the best possible deal. All they really want is another conviction, and if they can get you to say things that are incriminating, it makes their job easier.

If you hire Vernon Ready, he will be right there by your side to ensure you know when to stay quiet, when to speak, and what to say when you do talk to avoid harming your case.

By protecting your rights. Greenwood Village cops and prosecutors are not bad people. They simply have a job to do, and most of them do it well and completely within the bounds of the law.

Not always though. Sometimes, they can become overzealous in their quest to put criminals behind bars. When that happens, rules may be bent or broken. Procedures can be skipped. Your rights can be overlooked.

Vernon Ready will make sure that does not happen. He knows Colorado criminal law inside and out, and if any corners are cut, he will not hesitate to tell the judge in an effort to help your case. When your life is on the line, even little things can matter a lot.

By aggressively seeking out evidence. In a criminal trial, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. That means they have to prove your guilt. All you have to do is raise enough questions about the validity of that proof to put doubts in the minds of the judge or jury members.

Strong evidence is a great way to create those doubts, but it is not always easy to come by. Vernon Ready understands this.

He knows that you must act quickly in order to utilize certain kinds of evidence or risk losing it forever. He knows what needs to be done to track down hard-to-find witnesses. He knows which agencies and people he needs to go to in order to secure that evidence. And he will not take no for an answer.

By crafting winning defense strategies. The right strategy can mean the difference between spending years in prison or only getting probation. Between a conviction and an acquittal. Between having to go through the slog of a court case and getting your charges dropped or dismissed.

How does Vernon Ready start building a defense for his clients? By taking the time to talk with you about the specifics of your situation and listening to what you want. By examining the facts and the evidence closely. By anticipating the prosecution’s argument and coming up with ways to tear it down point by point. By understanding what moves judges and juries.

When you select Mr. Ready to represent you, he will fight tooth and nail to get you the best possible outcome, so you can get back to living your regular life and put this experience behind you.

Criminal Charges That Greenwood Village Defense Attorney Vernon Ready Can Handle

The laws of our state can be incredibly complex, and every single criminal statute is different. Why does this matter? Because you want to make sure the lawyer you choose to represent you is actually suited to help with your specific charges.

That means finding someone who not only has experience handling the offenses you have been accused of, but who also has a successful track record in those cases. If you are facing burglary charges, choose an attorney who has been able to achieve positive outcomes in burglary cases. DUI? You want a lawyer who has won DUI cases.

Vernon Ready has successfully handled all kinds of Colorado criminal cases, including:

Understand that this list is not comprehensive. The above charges are simply the most common types of criminal charges that Mr. Ready handles. If you do not see your charge listed here, simply reach out to us and ask.

Vernon Ready Can Help You Battle Your Denver Criminal Charges – But You Have to Get in Contact First

Vernon Ready believes that everyone should have the best defense possible, and he wants to use his skills, knowledge, and experience to help you the way he’s helped countless others in and around Arapahoe and Denver Counties.

However, he cannot start working on your defense until you get in contact and set up a free initial consultation. The process is easy. Simply email Mr. Ready at, call 303-993-5512, or complete our quick online contact form.