Our website contains detailed information about sexual assault, and prostitution-related charges on separate pages.

For information about sexual assault, including sex assault on a child, or sex assault by one in a position of trust, or any form of rape charge, please click here.

For information about Prostitution or Solicitation charges, please click here.

However, information related to sex crimes generally, including the sex offender registry, sentencing in sex cases, internet luring, and other sex-related crimes can be found throughout the various practice area pages.

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado may mean a life sentence in prison.  Colorado has a rule allowing for “indeterminate sentencing” in sex assault cases, which can amount to a life sentence without the courts ever even actually using that phrase. Obviously, these cases are extremely serious.  It is of great importance to choose the right attorney to fight these charges with you, as these cases require intense planning and attention, often including selection of experts to provide testimony at trial.

It is important to understand that being falsely accused of a sex crime does not render the charge any less serious. Do not delay.  Call our office at 303-993-5512 for a consultation right away.