Prostitution is generally charged in county court as a class 3 misdemeanor, or in municipal courts as a city code violation. That is true for prostitution as well as soliciting for prostitution. Most cases charged in municipal courts carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail. Those cases charged in county courts as misdemeanors can also carry jail sentences, which could vary depending upon the specific fact of your case. To learn more about misdemeanor cases in general, click here.

Defenses against Prostitution Charges:

Prostitution convictions often involve carefully planned “stings” by local police posing as either sex workers or clients. The structure of these operations can be very important to the prosecution’s ability to convict. Even the specific words used by police in the process of setting these elaborate traps can make all the difference to such important issues as whether a citizen was entrapped by police, enticed by their actions to engage in some illegal activity they otherwise would not have, etc. Protecting the rights of the accused from overreaching by police is best accomplished with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Prostitution charges may fall apart if the allegation is against a victim of human trafficking. If an accused can produce evidence that they were a victim of human trafficking at the time of the alleged crime, doing so may prove a complete defense to the crimes charged.

Pandering/Pimping Charges:

Finally, although most prosecution cases are charged as either a class 3 misdemeanor or a municipal code violation, there are at least two exceptions. Those two exceptions are defined in Colorado Statutes as “pandering”. A more common description of what the statutes call pandering would be pimping, or running a prostitution service. The first form of pandering, that we are describing as pimping, means getting someone to engage in prostitution by criminal intimidation or menacing. That version of pandering is charged as a felony. The second form of pandering can be generally described as arranging for a person to practice prostitution. That form of pandering is charged as a class 3 misdemeanor, but it is subject to higher fees or fines than the class 3 misdemeanors described in the paragraphs above.

At Ready Law, we defend those accused of being sex workers and their clients. If you are charged with prostitution, solicitation, or either form of pandering, contact our office for a consultation. We have successfully defended prostitution cases. Contact us to get to work on your best defense.