In Colorado, violent crimes are subject to much harsher sentencing than other types of crimes.  Attorney Vernon Ready represent those charged with all forms of violent crime. Some of the most common are covered with separate pages here:



Sexual Assault


There is simply no such thing as an unimportant or insignificant charge of violent crime in Colorado.  Even assaults charged as municipal code violations can have serious repercussions if a conviction enters.  These violations in municipal court can result in a year of jail time and fines.  An assault conviction at any level can interfere with a person’s ability to obtain or maintain employment or their ability to volunteer to work with their kids at school functions.

If you are charged with any form of violent crime, or believe you will be soon, call our office at 303-993-5512 to schedule a consultation.  Do not delay.  Law enforcement is already at work on your case.  You should be too.