Fraud charges generally do not stand alone.  In the case of insurance fraud, the charge is likely to coincide with accusations such as arson or theft.  Credit card fraud will also almost always accompany charges of theft.

The elements of a fraud charge might be met by the prosecution in different ways, depending on the context in which it is charged.  The specific facts of your case can make an important difference to the advice you receive from us.  Those facts specific to your case can determine everything from whether it might benefit you to cooperate with law enforcement and how, to where the prosecution is likely to focus its case against you.

Some cases involving financial fraud require experts. The type of experts range as broadly as the charges themselves do, from forensic analysis of property damage, to accident reconstruction, to forensic accounting.  At Ready-Law, we can help those accused of fraud determine when it makes sense to reach out to experts, and how to maximize the impact experts can have.

Despite the many differences inherent in fraud charges, it is always best to seek an attorney’s help immediately.  Even if you believe the evidence against you is overwhelming, do not try to handle your case alone.

At Ready Law, we can help you analyze the prosecution’s case, clear up misinformation, and we will do everything we legally and ethically can to defend your case.  Give us a call at 303-993-5512 to get to work on your best defense.