The Criminal Lawyer You Need When Facing a Denver Charge

There are countless things to like about Denver, Colorado.

A great job market. Dry, sunny weather. An active outdoor population. Proximity to skiing. Your choice of professional sports teams. Legal marijuana. National recognition.

One thing not on this list? A low crime rate.

In fact, according to Neighborhood Scout, the city has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the entire country. Property crime does not fare much better. In every single category, Denver significantly outpaces both the state and national average, with vehicle theft, assault, rape, and murder being particularly problematic.

Because of this, local law enforcement officials are constantly looking for ways to curb criminal activities and appear tough on crime. So if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself on the wrong side of the law, do not be surprised if you end up facing the harshest possible consequences.

Police officers and prosecutors will push you hard to admit guilt, often promising compassion and reduced penalties for “cooperation.” Do not fall for this trick though. Remember, their goal after charging someone is to secure a conviction. Whatever they tell you, they are not on your side. They are not your friends. They do not have your best interests at heart.

As an experienced Denver criminal attorney, Vernon Ready helps clients deal with these types of tactics all the time. He understands how area law enforcement officials work, what procedures they are required to follow, and how to make sure your rights are protected, so you get the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

What You Get When You Choose Denver Defense Attorney Vernon Ready

There are lots of criminal lawyers in and around Denver. Why should you hire Vernon Ready to represent you in your criminal case?

Because when you are up against charges that can change the entire course of your life, you deserve to have an attorney who not only has an in-depth understanding of Colorado criminal law, but a passion to provide every single client with the strongest defense possible. Someone who treats you like more than just a case file. Who will be there for you when you need him. Who will give everything he has to fight your charges.

This requires:

Tenacity and hard work. When Mr. Ready agrees to take on a case, he is promising to do anything and everything he can to get your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed. This means leaving no legal stone unturned and never backing down or giving in to prosecutors who attempt to bully you into taking an offer that is not in your best interests.

A willingness to listen and explain. One of the scariest and most frustrating parts of being accused of a crime in Denver is that people just keep talking at you without ever listening. In fact, everything you say tends to be treated with a healthy amount of skepticism because it will be seen as you trying to protect yourself.

Worse, many people find themselves in a perpetual state of confusion because the law is dense and complicated. Few people are willing to take the time to explain it a clear, easily understandable way.

You will not have this problem with Vernon Ready. He understands just how trying this process can be and always strives to be compassionate towards his clients. He wants to hear your side of the story and understand your account of what happened. It will help him to craft the strongest possible defense. He also wants you to understand what is going on in your case, so you can make informed decisions and take an active role.

Accessibility. You can have the best attorney in the world, but if he or she is never available to answer your questions or work on your case, it does not matter. Vernon Ready makes a point of being as accessible to his clients as possible – he even provides each client with his personal cell phone number.

While he is not able to answer every call immediately due to other pressing business, his promise to you is that all calls will be returned before the end of the next business day. It is this kind of attention to client needs that has so many people raving about working with him.

These are just some of the things that clients routinely praise Mr. Ready for.

Of course, it does not matter how accessible and tenacious a lawyer is if he does not possess an understanding of your specific charge.

Denver Criminal Charges That Ready Law Is Able to Help You With

Often, people think that someone who is a “criminal attorney” knows how to handle every possible criminal charge, but this just is not true. There are specific statutes governing the various activities deemed “criminal” by Colorado lawmakers, and each one is unique.

Just because a lawyer understands all the ins and outs of DUI law does not mean that they will be any good at helping you fight a murder charge. Or domestic violence allegations. Or an arrest for drug possession. Before hiring someone, make sure that he or she is able to handle your particular charge.

Vernon Ready understands how to help with a wide variety of criminal cases, including:


Child Abuse/Endangerment

Computer & Internet Crimes

Criminal Mischief

Deferred Prosecution Options

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes


Expungement / Criminal Record Sealing




Probation Violations

Prostitution / Solicitation

Restraining Orders

Search and Seizure

Shoplifting / Retail Theft

Sex Crimes


Traffic Ticket


Violent Crimes




Rape – Sexual Assault

Robbery/Armed Robbery


Weapons Charges

White Collar Crimes



Insurance and Credit Card Fraud

If you do not see the crime you have been charged with here, it does not mean Ready Law is unable to help. This list is not exhaustive. The best way to see if Mr. Ready is able to take on your case is to get in touch and go over the details of your situation.

Start Fighting for Your Future in Denver Today by Reaching Out to Ready Law

Being charged with a crime in Colorado can leave you feeling paralyzed. Helpless.

This is exactly how the police and the prosecutor want you to feel. Because it makes you more likely to say or do something that harms your case. Or you may even admit your guilt and agree to a bad plea deal.

Do not let them control what happens to you. Get someone on your side who understands the law and knows how to fight back – and do it fast. The earlier you start working with a knowledgeable defense attorney, the more likely you are to receive a positive outcome.

Start defending your good name right now by calling 303-993-5512, emailing, or simply filling out our free case review form.