Charged with a Highlands Ranch Crime? We Help Protect Your Good Name

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is far from a hotbed of criminal activity.

In fact, if you look at the statistics, you will see a fairly low crime rate. According to Sperling’s Best Places, the crime rate here falls significantly below the average in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro Area, Colorado as a whole, and of the country itself. This is true for both violent crimes and property crimes.

This is a place where people come to raise a family. A safe, relaxing place they return to in the evening after commuting to work in Denver. A place of affluence where few have to worry about the basic necessities of life, and spend their free time playing tennis or taking horseback riding lessons.

You might think this means that you do not need to worry about being arrested here, but unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that crime here is low, that just means that, when someone does run afoul of the police, it earns a lot more notice.

If you are accused, arrested, or charged in Highlands Ranch, it is something that will stand out. Your friends and neighbors will take notice, and so will your employer and coworkers. Simply put, it is something that can quickly ruin your reputation.

Just as bad is the fact that law enforcement officials here like being able to point to the low crime rate to show that they are doing their job and that the town is a safe place to live. They have a strong interest in deterring criminal activity, and one of the ways they do this is by coming down hard on alleged offenders.

Find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Highlands Ranch, and they will do everything they can to not only secure a conviction, but also punish you to the full extent of the law. Sometimes this might mean taking shortcuts, using deceptive practices, or flat out violating your rights.

As an experienced Denver area criminal attorney, Vernon Ready has seen this happen time and again to clients in Highlands Ranch. Typically, these are people who have never had run-ins with the police. They have grown up viewing people in law enforcement as their friends. Their protectors. They believe that cops are on their side.

Not so when you are the one facing a charge. Police and others in law enforcement have one goal when they arrest someone for a crime: secure a conviction. To accomplish this goal, they are given quite a bit of leeway, and you have to understand their tactics to know how to combat them.

Mr. Ready has helped countless people in and around Highlands Ranch to successfully battle their charges, and he can help you, too.

Why More People Charged in Highlands Ranch Trust Vernon Ready with Their Future

It takes a certain kind of lawyer to help you deal with police matters in and around Highlands Ranch. Obviously, you want someone knowledgeable and experienced. Someone with the right legal background. Someone who can point to a track record of success in handling matters like yours.

At Ready Law, we are able to take on all kinds of criminal cases, including those involving:


Child Abuse/Endangerment

Computer & Internet Crimes

Criminal Mischief

Deferred Prosecution Options

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes


Expungement / Criminal Record Sealing




Probation Violations

Prostitution / Solicitation

Restraining Orders

Search and Seizure

Shoplifting / Retail Theft

Sex Crimes


Traffic Ticket


Violent Crimes




Rape – Sexual Assault

Robbery/Armed Robbery


Weapons Charges

White Collar Crimes



Insurance and Credit Card Fraud

Do not worry if your specific charge is not listed here. Mr. Ready may still be able to help. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to our office and explain the specifics of your situation.

Finding the right attorney, though, goes beyond what types of cases he or she is qualified to take on. If you are in the midst of fighting a charge, you want someone who is going to devote themselves to getting you the best possible outcome. Who will really listen to your needs and make themselves available to you. Who can explain your options in a way that you can understand.

Vernon Ready is that lawyer. Past clients have raved about his:

Excellent communication skills. The criminal process in Colorado can be frustratingly complex and confusing. It is not a matter of your intelligence either. Some of the smartest people end up feeling lost when they are forced to deal with the ins and outs of our criminal justice system.

That is why it is so important to work with an attorney who knows how to break down the law and the process of dealing with a criminal charge in a clear, easily understandable way. Vernon Ready always takes the time to walk his clients through what their charges mean, the potential and likely outcomes based on the details of the situation, and what options are available to them.

Additionally, he works hard to make sure that his clients understand the process itself and what is happening every step along the way.

Incredible accessibility. You are likely to have a lot of questions about your Highlands Ranch criminal charge. Mr. Ready understands this and always builds in time for his clients to talk about their fears, worries, and things that seem confusing.

What if you think of something outside of a regularly scheduled meeting though? Will you have to wait and worry until your next appointment? Absolutely not.

Vernon Ready makes sure that every single one of his clients is given his personal cell phone number so they can call him whenever they need to do so. Obviously, there are times when he will not be able to answer his phone because he is dealing with other pressing business. But if you are unable to get in touch, he will return your call before the end of the following business day.

Unwillingness to back down. One of the things that amazes clients the most about Mr. Ready is the difference in his demeanor when dealing with them in comparison to how he acts around prosecutors and others who are standing in your way.

He firmly believes that his job is to be your advocate. That means treating you with patience, kindness, and respect… and refusing to back down when others attempt to intimidate, use delaying tactics, or otherwise act in a way that is harmful to your case.

He does this not by trying to be the loudest, most forceful person in the room, but rather by using his vast knowledge of the law to keep the opposition honest and call them on any inappropriate behavior, all while carefully analyzing the facts of the case to help you reach the most positive outcome.

Contact Ready Law Today to Start Fighting Your Highlands Ranch Charges

There is a simple truth in all criminal cases: the earlier in the process you start working with a knowledgeable defense attorney, the better your chances at reaching a happy resolution.

This is true whether you have already been charged or arrested, or even if you are simply under investigation or are a person of interest. In some of those latter situations, a skilled Highlands Ranch criminal lawyer may even be able to put an end to things before you ever face a charge.

Do not roll the dice with your future. Protect your rights and your good name – get in touch with Vernon Ready right now and let him start working to ensure you get the best possible results.

All you need to do is complete our easy online contact form, email, or call 303-993-5512.