Take Criminal Charges in Littleton Seriously or Risk Your Future

Littleton, Colorado has many things going for it.

Proximity to Denver. A commitment to the arts with the Littleton Symphony Orchestra and Voices West. Healthy economic prospects and a solid job market. A cost of living that’s basically on par with the national average. Not only quality schools, but a good continuing education system. It has placed on “best city” lists for sites like WalletHub and Livability.

However, if you take a closer look at the elements that make up the WalletHub ranking, something stands out: Littleton is by far the lowest ranked for safety out of any city in the 99th percentile. While the area is far from being a criminal hotbed, law enforcement officials here definitely keep busy. In fact, in terms of crimes per square mile, Littleton is almost triple the national median and nearly double that of Colorado.

Not surprisingly, local officials would rather this was not the case, so they have no hesitation about prosecuting people to the full extent of the law as a way of deterring future crime. As a criminal attorney who has worked with people in Littleton and other parts of the Denver metropolitan area for years, Vernon Ready has seen these types of tactics on numerous occasions.

To protect your rights and your future, you need to put together the strongest possible defense and aggressively fight back against charges. Otherwise, even seemingly minor run-ins with the law in Littleton can lead to severe consequences, such as jail time, high fines, and more.

To Vernon Ready, the Most Important Littleton Charges Are Yours

Choosing the right lawyer is an incredibly important – and incredibly tough – decision. Do you go with the person who went to the best law school? Has the most awards? Someone who has a seemingly endless list of cases that they have won?

Those things are important, but they are not necessarily what is most important. Why? Because almost all criminal attorneys are smart and well-educated. If they have been doing the job for long enough, most have racked up a number of wins and awards as well.

What really sets one lawyer apart from another – and gives you the best chance at a positive outcome – is finding someone willing to give you and your case the care and attention necessary. Far too many Denver-area attorneys focus on quantity over quality, taking on lots of clients and speeding through them, so they can collect their fee and move on to the next case.

That is not how Vernon Ready does things, and his clients appreciate that. How does he work?

Will not back down against law enforcement.

Cops and state’s attorneys have one job: secure convictions. Because of this, they often use tactics designed to frighten, delay, or otherwise diminish your ability to protect yourself. Many bend the law as far as they possibly can without breaking it to do this.

Sometimes, though, they go too far. Worse, if you do not have someone by your side who knows the law and is paying close attention, they will most likely get away with it.

Vernon Ready goes out of his way to ensure that does not happen to his clients. He possesses a clear understanding of police processes and requirements, and he is not afraid to call law enforcement officials out when they step over the line.

At the same time, he also understands the importance of keeping a good working relationship with the people on the other side of the aisle, because at times, their willingness to work with you can make or break a case.

Steady and determined.

Most real court cases do not feature surprise last-minute evidence or 11th hour twists and turns that change the entire outcome. What usually matters most is putting in the work consistently right from the beginning.

Tracking down favorable evidence. Putting together a strong argument and continuing to build on it. Thinking about the various lines of argument the prosecution is likely to make and coming up with ways to counter those arguments.

This is how Vernon Ready approaches cases. By diving into them and turning over every possible stone until your legal options have been completely exhausted.

Really listens and really cares.

One of the hardest parts of being a criminal lawyer is working with people at what is likely the lowest point of their life. Vernon Ready always keeps this in mind. He strives to treat his clients with compassion and understanding – in other words, he treats you like a person, not a case.

When you sit down for a consultation, he will take the time to listen to your side of the story, whatever concerns you may have, and what you are hoping for from him. He will do his best to help you understand the law, your charges, potential consequences, and the options available to you.

Also, because he knows that questions and fears do not always strictly adhere to schedules, Mr. Ready always provides his personal cell phone number to all his clients. This way, you can contact him whenever something arises. Even if he is not immediately available, he always returns calls by the end of the following business day.

Littleton Charges Vernon Ready Can Help You With

In his years of practicing law in and around Littleton, Vernon Ready has taken on all kinds of cases, and he is able to help you with a variety of criminal charges, including:


Child Abuse/Endangerment

Computer & Internet Crimes

Criminal Mischief

Deferred Prosecution Options

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes





Prostitution / Solicitation

Record Sealing

Restraining Orders

Search and Seizure

Sex Crimes  

Shoplifting / Retail Theft

Theft Crimes

Traffic Tickets


Violent Crimes

            Armed Robbery


            Domestic Violence



            Sexual Assault/Rape


Weapons Charges

White Collar Crimes



            Insurance and Credit Card Fraud

This list is not exhaustive. If you do not notice your charge here, simply get in touch with our office, and we can let you know whether or not Mr. Ready is able to help.

The Sooner Vernon Ready Starts Battling Your Littleton Charges, the Greater Your Chances

The first few hours and days after an arrest or charge are some of the most important in determining the outcome of a criminal case. Without the presence of a lawyer, it is far more likely that police or prosecutors will get you to say or do something that can hurt you. Moreover, some kinds of evidence cannot be collected or used after a certain amount of time.

Beyond these things, delaying also serves to give the prosecution that much more of a head start on building a case against you, and decreases the time that your own lawyer will ultimately have.

Avoid these problems. Get in touch with Ready Law today by filling out our online case review form, calling 303-993-5512, or emailing vready@ready-law.com.